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Matwork Class Timetable and Prices

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Pilates classes are offered through the 6 week Class Pass or through the Single Class purchase. All are purchased through the TeamUp app. This offers value and flexibility and allows you to  book different classes on different days, depending on your weekly schedule and Pliates needs.  
A Matwork Class lasts 60 minutes, and can involve props.
To view my weekly schedule visit  the TeamUp App or see below:
Monday 9.45am – 10.45am & 11am – 12pm
at Kiltarlity Shinty Pavilion
Tuesday 9.30am at Kingsmills Scout Hut
Wednesday 9.30am Online Via Zoom
Thursday 5.45pm Online Via Zoom
Friday 9.30am  & 10.45am
at Kingsmills Scout Hut, Inverness
£60 for the 6 week Class Pass
£11 for a Single Class Pass
Body Control Pilates
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Inverness Pilates Certified Teacher
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How do I start?

Please complete the Client Enrolment Form and email it to me

I will reply to discuss how we progress and to answer all your queries and questions. Together we will devise a suitable starting formula for you, taking into account your preferences, whether there are any areas of concern and the options available.

Thereafter, I will add you to my TeamUp database (access below) and you will then be able to view my schedule and choose a class to suit you.

You will need a working computer, tablet or smart phone with an in built camera and microphone and sufficient Internet connection to play live video.


If you haven’t used zoom before I can send you a detailed guide to starting however there shouldn’t be a need as TeamUp is fully synchronized with zoom, so you can access your on-line class either through the TeamUp schedule where you will find a corresponding link to the class or two hours before your class starts you will be e-mailed reminding you of the start time and the zoom button is attached in this e-mail. Easy!
Likewise if you need some pointers for TeamUp I can send you a helpful guide to get your started.

You will need a safe clutter free space with enough room to lie on your mat with legs outstretched and arms behind the head, and space either side of you if the arms are outstretched to the side.

Please try and angle your device so I can get a good view of you ideally from the side as you lie on your mat.

Client reviews

Claire is a fantastic teacher, with a varied class for all ages and abilities. I originally started 3 years ago due to persistent back and shoulder pain, which I’m pleased to say, is now a thing of the past. Her attention to detail is incredible, and she is always there to help with the slightest of corrections.

I have been going to Claire’s Pilates class for a number of years. She is a brilliant, enthusiastic teacher, with a very calm manner and a good sense of humor. She gives very clear instructions and certainly has made me more mindful of my body. I highly recommend Claire.

15 years of teaching

After 15 years of teaching Pilates I am still as big a fan as when I started. I believe as a movement practitioner that movement is our medicine (and not just Pilates, any movement you enjoy!). More and more medical research points to the fact we must keep moving to maintain health. Pilates has a significant role in this and whilst cannot help all issues, it can help with most.
Like many adults, I had been active as a youngster, even competing for Team GB in 3-day Eventing, but my career in financial investment banking was office based and restricted my activity. I understand the different stresses and strains of rigorous exercise, and indeed the impact of too little exercise, pregnancies and life in general upon the body. My return to the Highlands from London in 2004 led to my discovery of Pilates and I have never looked back. Anatomically and physiologically Pilates simply makes sense to me. It is my great pleasure to share that with you!

Keep in touch

Contact me on 07778 575159 or write to

1 Annfield Road, Inverness, IV2 3HP